Welcome to Cardboard Caucus!

We strive to provide a welcoming atmosphere for you to sit down with friends, new or old, to play some great games!

Badges are on sale now! Early bird pricing ends July 1st!

Library and Play-to-Win

We are excited to have Board Game Wagon provide our game library. They will have a selection of more than 1800 games for you to choose from!

We will also have a bunch of play-to-win games that you could take home with you just by playing them.


The best place to park is on the north end of the building, where there is a separate entrance for our convention!


Children ages 5-10 can register for a $5 kids badge or get a regular badge. Kids badges cannot be used to checkout games or be entered into the Play-to-Win drawing. Children 11+ will need a full badge. Unfortunately, due to our Covid vaccination policy, children under the age of 5 are not allowed.