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Game Library

Our Game Library is provided by Board Game Wagon. They have more than 1,800 games for you to play for free with your convention badge. You can view their collection at

Play-to-Win games

Play a game to be entered into a raffle to take it home with you at the end of the weekend!

Game Trade

We will be running a “No Risk Math Trade” in the weeks leading up to the convention and will have a designated time and place for participants to meet-up for the game exchange. A No Risk Math Trade is a game trade using a computer program to build long chains of trades instead of just single trades between just two people, for example: Erin gives a game to Chad, Chad gives a game to Cody, Cody gives a game to Matt, and Matt gives a game to Erin. The no-risk part comes from the fact that you indicate which games you’re willing trade for what, and the computer will honor your wishes, so you’ll never get a game you didn’t specifically say you wanted in return for the game you trade away, if any. While it might seem complicated at first, the steps are simple and we’re here to help you. Check back here closer to the convention dates for more information on this year’s Math Trade.

Game Garage Sale

During the convention there will be a designated time and place for badge holders to sell their personal games.

Contact us at if you’re interested in running an event.